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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chiranjeevi Political Party Name "Praja Rajyam'

Chiranjeevi Political Party Name "Praja Rajyam'
  • 12 Film Cameras and 20 MAA TV Cameras
  • Aerial View Shooting Film Cameraman Chota K Naidu
  • Helicopters to rain flowers!
  • 120 feet Cranes with cameras
  • 17 Special Trains
  • 60,000 people are expected to reach Tirupati by these special trains
  • 50,000 are expected by regular trains
  • Four Trains from Hyderabad
  • Four trains are booked from Hyderabad. Mr. Ramu Yadav, Organizing Secretary of the Chiranjeevi Rashtra Yuvatha, arranged one special train from Hyderabad for fans, by spending Rs. 14 lakhs
  • Actor Chiranjeevi personally arranged a train with AC compartments for the family members, friends and relatives
  • Railways have approximately collected Rs. 35,000/- per each general bogie, while Rs. 50,000/- for the sleeper coach; and Rs. 1 lakh for AC coach
  • Train boarding locations: Visakhapatnam, Anakapalle, Rajahmundry, Kakinada, Vijayawada, Guntur and Ongole
  • Special blocks for women, old and PHs
  • Front blocks are reserved for the women, children and the old; and physically handicapped
  • Frontal organizers of the party like Dr. Mitra, Harirama Jogayya, NV Prasad and Purushotam are personally overseeing the arrangements at Tirupati
  • Facilities like drinking water and refreshments are provided at each block
  • Special block is created for the family members and friends of Chiranjeevi at the frontal pace
  • 70 LCD monitors are going to be installed at several blocks at the public meeting to facilitate the crowds to have clear view of the stage
  • Cultural programs are planned under the supervision of actor Pawan Kalyan
  • People coming for the public meeting are advised to reach their blocks three to four hours in advance of the meeting commencement
  • Nearly 3000 police personnel are being deployed for the mega event
  • Parking zones are created in about 40 acres of area
  • Hundreds of volunteers of Chiru Rashtra Yuvatha will also be monitoring the event
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