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Monday, January 18, 2010

Tried to Hack India's Computers by China: MK Narayanan

In a British Paper Quoating on Monday said that Chinese hackers had tried to penetrate computers of the offices of National Security Adviser (NSA) MK Narayanan.

He also said that on Dec 15th his office and other Government sectors were also targetted and also US defence, finance and technology companies, including Google also reported cyber attacks from China.

Narayanan said that Hackers had sent an E-Mail with a PDF format type attachement contains a Trojan Virus, which allows hackers to download and delete files from a system, which was detected by officials and alarmed everyone with not to log on until it was thrashed.

Chinese Government has replied for the statement and has denied any role in the attacks, said foreign ministry spokeswoman saying: "Hacking in whatever form is prohibited by law in China."

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