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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Terror attack straight into the heart of Mumbai

Atleast 40 people killed and 150 Injured in a series shootings around india's financial

capital Mumbai on Wednesday night, with 2 five star hotels among the targets in what

police called a terror attack.

A gun battle is ongoing in the Taj Hotel in Colaba. Within the last ten minutes, a guest at

the hotel got word out to CNN via email that a grenade had exploded within the hotel

premises just then.

Additional Commissioner of Police AN Roy and other officials confirmed that some armed

terrorists are holed up in the iconic hotel.

Police officials said they have no information of a hostage situation; they say guests

have been sequestered in safe areas of the hotel, and the police are now engaged in

flushing out the terrorists from their hiding place.

Earlier Report: Terror struck the country's financial capital late tonight as coordinate

serial explosions and indiscriminate firing rocked eight areas across Mumbai including

the crowded CST railway station, two five star hotels--Oberoi and Taj-- leaving 40

persons dead and 150 injured.

Armed with AK-47 rifles and grenades, a couple of terrorists entered the passenger hall

of CST and opened fire and threw grenades, Mumbai General Railway Police

Commissioner A K Sharma said.

The terror strike which began at 1033 PM at Chhatrapathi Shivaji Terminus(CST), formerly

known as the Victoria Terminus(VT), claimed 10 lives in the premises of the station

alone, police said.

Three persons were killed in a bomb explosion in a taxi on Mazegaon dockyard road

and an equal number were gunned down at Taj Hotel. The victim in the hotel were its


The lobby of the Oberoi hotel was on fire and the hotel evacuated, eyewitnesses said.

* Boat with explosives found near gateway
* 2 terror shot dead at Girgaum chowpatty
* Fresh explosions at Taj Hotel in Colaba
* 2 blasts in Taj Hotel and 1 in Oberoi
* 4 policemen killed in attacks
* 55 dead and 190 injured in attacks
* Firing at Ramada Hotel
* 3 senior police officers seriously injured
* ATS chief Hemant Karkare injured in attacks

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