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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Here are the List of Bomb Blasts Took place in Mumbai

1993 Bomb Blasts: A series of 13 Bomb blasts took place in Bombay (Now its Mumbai) Maharashtra, India on 12 March 1993. This all happened within single day, resulted in 250 fatalities and 700 injuries.

2003 Bomb Blasts: On 25th August 2003, a double car bombling exploded in Mumbai, India, which resulted in killing 54, and injured 244 people.

2006 Bomb Blasts: Again on 11th July, 2006 a Series of Seven Bomb blasts took place on a Sub-Urban Railway in Mumbai, in this explosion over 209 people were killed and 700 were injured.

2008 Terror Attacks: This Terror attacks happened on 26th November, 2008 which is also referred as 26/11 Attacks. The attacks were occured in almost 8 placees of South Mumbai - at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, the Oberoi Trident,the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower,Leopold Cafe, Cama Hospital (women and children's hospital), the Nariman House Jewish community centre,the Metro Cinema,and a lane behind the Times of India building and St. Xavier's College.

These terror attacks were started on 26 November,2008 and ended on 29th November, 2008

Approximately killed 164 people and wounding at least 308.

and Now 13th July, 2011: 3 serial bomb blasts took place at Zaveri Bazaar, Opera House and the Kabutarkhana area of Dadar West. Resulting 13 killed and aroud 100 were injured.

These are the main Terror attacks took place in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

A Deep Condolence to the familes who lost their people in these bomb blasts.

Source: Wikipedia

5 comments: said...

It will happen again...these terrorists can do it, because they know, there is no such punishment exists for these kinds of crimes. Only royal treatments as we are giving to Kasab and Guru...
it's really pathetic .Our Defense ministers need to answer that what our soldiers and local police Departments are doing.
how terrorist come in our city and state ? and how can they succeeded in their plans?

A COMMON MAN (AAM AADMI) GETS UP AND TAKES THINGS IN HIS OWN HAND as it will be matter of shame for the Government, as innocents get killed every time and the only thing what the Governments do is give Condolence Messages.."Its a pity that the culprits go unpunished and the Common Man goes through the Trauma of Loss of his Loved ones." said...

It will happen again...these terrorists can do it, because they know, there is no such punishment exists for these kinds of crimes. Only royal treatments as we are giving to Kasab and Guru...

Bhavana said...

i believe if a world strts acting democratic,no crime wud take place. people think if evrything is left in the hands of the govt. it means they are responsible.. but awareness is really required to abstain such acts from taking place.
women is the main thing led behind,a power should be raised from her side. social development is yet to come. man and his participation in each act has be a great concern. the priority is nuclear disarmament. security,and diplomatic relations are greater concern..matters that are to be looked keenly.
sea routes n their nauticals should be checked. one and more conscious thing of all..our own leaders need to be active.. but they are busy sleeping.. sonia gandhi herself said,''she doesnt know about the latthi scene that happened when ramdev sat on hunger strike."
this is so interesting yaar,our leaders dont know whatz happning.. cool!
this is the reason why our country is not leading ahead.. i cnt find my money gng in safer hands.

Uday Kiran said... and @bhavana, you said the right thing, but here all fellows don't have time, as they are struggling for their basic living (food, clothes and shelter).., i say that LAW should be play a vital role in preventing all these things.., if law is strict eventually, crime rate will be decreased.,u rarely see bomb blasts in other countries., like US, UK, NZ, AUS..,because their the law is strict., the law in those countries is who ever he may be, he should be abide to laws..,

Thank u and @Bhavana for commenting..

kiran said...

I agree with you Kiran. All are struggling for their requirements. We have leaders, soldiers, police what they are doing. Who is responsible. We does not have strict punishment.

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