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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nuts cuts risk of heart diseases

Spanish researchers found that, Handful of nuts eating a day for a year and along with in fruits, vegetables and fish might help to decrease risk factors for heart diseases

Nuts which helps to increases the body's ability to burn fat, said by lead author Jordi Salas-Salvado of the University of Rovira i Virgili in Reus, Spain.

Also added that "Nuts could have an effect on metabolic syndrome by multiple mechanisms," Salas-Salvado said. Nuts are rich in anti-inflammatory substances, such as fiber, and antioxidants, Vitamin E and also high in unsaturated fat, a healthier fat known to lower blood triglycerides and increase good cholesterol.

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ken said...

Nuts are a great source of unsaturated fat - the healthy kind of fat that will help your cardiovascular well being. Some others are avacados, fish and olive oil. If you eat a diet high in healthy fats you'll reduce your risk of heart attacks and strokes.